Mr Hypnotist Benjamin Hasker presents a unique hypnosis show like no other. Audience members become the stars of the show and discover the power of the mind. An insight into the world of hypnosis and the ultimate audience participation show.

Fully trained in hypnosis and an accomplished performer having worked across the country and internationally. A truly memorable experience for the volunteers and audience.


What is hypnosis?

A natural occurrence similar to a daydream. The hypnotist gets volunteers to focus on the subconscious mind, they remain awake and aware at all times.

Who can be hypnotised? 

Everybody can be hypnotised to some degree. For a stage show all volunteers must be over the age of 18 and of a sound mind and body. Due to time restrictions it is not always possible to hypnotise every volunteer.

What happens in the show?

Once the volunteers are on stage they are hypnotised in front of the audience (this is fascinating for anyone who has never witnessed or experienced it before). They are then asked to take part in various comedy routines. The volunteers are the stars of the show. I never humiliate them or ask them to reveal any secrets or anything which could cause distress. When the volunteers leave the stage they feel totally refreshed and happy. It is said one hour of hypnosis is equal to six hours of sleep.

Is it safe?

Hypnosis is a natural state so it is impossible not to awaken, the only time that would happen is if you had fallen asleep!

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